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Our FRP induced Square type cooling towers are designed to yield higher output. These towers are designed and developed as per client's specific requirements in order to suit all the needs of the clients. Some of the features of products are:-

  • ✓ Demand less maintenance
  • ✓ Require minimum drift losses
  • ✓ Easy to install
  • ✓ Less power consuming

Capacity: 10 TR to 3000 TR Make: AKTIVE

Our cooling towers are of induced draft design, which is why these are more efficient than forced draft counter flow design. Using less power per cooling ton, our towers represent the latest development in the use of plastic technology. Using superior quality FRP materials in fabrication, we offer towers which have resistant to damages and also prevent corrosive effect of weather and chemicals. Our induced draft design consumes 50% less energy and it can easily cut city water and sewer bills by up to 97%, as water is re-circulated instead of being wasted. One can rely on our towers because our cooling towers provide dependable, trouble-free and satisfactory long-term service. Our cooling towers in fiberglass reinforced plastics provide economic outdoor dissipation of heat picked up by water in air conditioning & refrigeration, compressors, diesel-engines and other water-cooled industrial or process heat exchangers.

Capacity: 10 TR to 3000 TR Make: AKTIVE