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Active cooling towers is a manufacturer, Exporter and supplier of a wide range of FRP Cooling Towers, Wooden Cooling Towers , Fan less Cooling Tower, Cooling Tower spare parts , Industrial Chillers and other assorted equipment that provide various industrial water cooled energy. Our company has reputation in the global market for its service to the industry in terms of providing water cooled energy. In addition to this we have adopted premium standards in offering reliable installation and maintenance services for our cooling towers and chillers. Our first goal lies in attaining complete customer satisfaction and we ensure this by means of fair play and professionalism in our works. It’s used in various Industrial purposes. Our main focus is to build superior quality cooling towers using durable corrosion resistant materials designed to meet the demanding requirements of the cooling tower environment and local guidelines. We are headquartered in Delhi and have installations stretching throughout India. With more than 10 years of experience to our credit, we are well-equipped to cater a wide range of industrial applications

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Our FRP induced Square type cooling towers are designed to yield higher output

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Our company is engaged in manufacturing a qualitative range of FRP Bottle Type Cooling Towers which are offered at industry leading prices.

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This rugged war horse in our stables, incorporate multi blade, cast aluminum, adjustable pitch fan assembly

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Who we are?

The organization was established under the able guidance of “Mr. Jitendra Yadav (MD)”. He has a vast experience in this industry domain, which led him to take the company’s profile to a significant position. Under his able guidance, a team of diligent professionals works in close coordination with one another in order to maintain a smooth and efficient functioning of the production process.

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Why you should working with us?

Our cooling towers are of induced draft design, which is why these are more efficient than forced draft counter flow design. Using less power per cooling ton, our towers represent the latest development in the use of plastic technology.

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